The PCA Is Elderly

The Pew Research Center has released an analysis showing that the conservative Reformed denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has some of the most elderly adherents. This may come as a shock to members of other Reformed denominations who are often pressured to imitate the PCA, with its reputation for being younger, hipper, and more evangelistic. Apparently, this is more marketing than reality, with denominations as diverse as the Southern Baptists and Roman Catholics having much younger adherents. Presbyterians were once known for orderly churches, firm doctrine and worship, large families, and an emphasis on catechizing covenant children.  Now conservative Presbyterians are best known for large parachurch organizations (Ligonier), big conferences (The Gospel Coalition), innovative leaders (Keller), and a plethora of competing seminaries.

This year’s PCA General Assembly (the highest court of the church) appeared oblivious to this growing crisis, rather doubling down on the same concerns that dominate the aging and dying mainline churches: embracing faddish worship styles, fixating on race relations, and expanding the roles of women in ministry.

One might suggest forming a study committee to encourage obedience to the first commandment God gave us, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it.”



3 thoughts on “The PCA Is Elderly

  1. One might suggest forming a study committee to encourage obedience to the first commandment God gave us, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it.”
    Because it’s right up there with: “Love God … and love your neighbor.” Right? Jesus told us not to care one iota about already living individuals because if we just have all the women have as many babies as possible, some of them will grow up to be the Christians who protect the church from the rest of them who chose to walk away. Jesus never really told believers that they ought to be obeying the first commandment that literally, it certainly wasn’t ‘first’ in his book. Let’s stop trying to breed the next generation and start to be there for everyone who’s already here and is being ignored by the church.


    1. Thanks for continuing to check things out here, Jamie. I mean that!

      I’d point your attention to the consistency of:

      A: Believing that the summary of the Law is “Love the Lord your God with all… and…second… love your neighbor as yourself”

      B: and Recognizing that the above summary is the teaching of the Bible and is defined and explained further in the rest of the Bible’s commands, of which it is a **summary**

      C: and so Attending ourselves to the first commandments God gave us when he made us, since this must help us understand love of God and neighbor, since Jesus authoritatively summarized the commands that way.

      Unless you believe that Jesus came to destroy the Law… something he specifically denied.


      1. I had heard that Jesus fulfilled the law, but the summary of it – to love God and to love your neighbor are two ideas that don’t have an expiration date. However, ‘Be fruitful and multiply’ was said twice, when the total of the world’s population was less than a dozen people. We have 7.3 billion people in the world. I think we have the fruitful and multiply thing covered. What we don’t have is an existing system to reach the already-living people. The priority shouldn’t be to teach the necessity of having babies in order to secure the church’s future; but on reaching out to the community that exists around the church to sustain it’s present until it’s future arrives.


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