Women Beating Each Other Up For Money And Fun?

There’s quite a brouhaha on the Reformed and evangelical interwebs these days. The aptly described “Thin Complementarians” are not quite sure what to do about women punching each other in the face for money and fun. But, I have to ask, what are the Thin Complementarians sure of? If you’re confused, I’ve come up with the following infographic to help you understand this new perspective being promoted in Reformed and evangelical circles:

Understanding Thin Complementarianism

Here are some of the better contributions to the current discussion:

First, there’s Alastair Roberts who had the nerve to question whether Christians ought to support women bloodying each other for fun. Hand-wringing concern (“Where’s our voice!?!?!”) came hard and fast from the self-appointed, establishment-promoted, female-issue experts and twitter storms ensued. For Alastair’s excellent post look here:
“How Should We Think About Watching Women Fight Women?” by Alastair Roberts

Next up, we have Tim Bayley suggesting that women mostly undressing and then bloodying each others faces as they flex their male-like muscles is, well, less than God’s ideal for womanhood. The guardians of the evangelical establishment ignore Tim on these issues, because, well, he’s right. And it’s convenient for him to also be to their Right on these issues because then they can look all nuanced and winsome as they support women punching each other in the face for fun, and Pastor Tim is a big ole meanie patriarchalist. Here’s his first contribution:
“Amanda Nunes beats the shit out of Ronda Rousey” by Tim Bayly

But whoops! Pastor Bailey wrote the word “shit” in his post, so now suddenly reduced to tears all the boys are real, real upset. Maybe their mother’s can go beat Tim up, you know, since they’ve been all practicing MMA. Nevertheless, we get this clearheaded truth from him in response:

The reason the picture (and fight itself) were obscene is that woman is made by God to be the life-giver and man is made by God to protect her in that work. Man is responsible to protect the mother of the living and the little ones who are the fruit of her womb. If Adam had done his job, there would be no fights. There would be no Pill, no abortion, and no Plan B. If Adam had done his work protecting Eve, women today would not be ogled by men as they run around naked, punching and kicking each other.

For more, see his second post on the topic: “Amanda Nunes beats the excrement out of Ronda Rousey” by Tim Bayley

On Twitter, Mark Jones weighed in with what most of us think, at least those of us who are still:

A. sane,
B. biblically minded,
C. protective of our daughters and wives, and
D. have a spine.



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