Living Sacrifice by Danielle Pollock

Singleness as a vocation? Danielle Pollock at Torrey Gazette says yes, and sex or rather the lack thereof is part of its experience. 

…I’m vocationally single, and celibate, by God’s grace alone, through no power of my own. There’s a hell of a lot more to the vocation of singleness than just NOT HAVING

Her post is full of hard-earned insights for Christians who are unmarried (and for those who aren’t!) Of all people, Christians ought to be the most understanding and kind, saved by grace and all. Yet, we often are unkind to single people in our churches and place hurtful pressures on them. At the same time, for those who are single, there is often both a longing to be married and difficulty living out their lives without the support and companionship of marriage.
Don’t miss her story. It’s insightful and encouraging: Living Sacrifice by Danielle Pollock