Ten Quotes: How to Exasperate Your Wife by Doug Wilson

Pastor Peter Jones from Morgantown, West Virginia, has a edifying blog Singing & Slaying where among other great posts he regularly lists his favorite quotations from books he is reading. Doug Wilson has written extensively on issues of gender, sexuality, the family, covenant living, and marriage. Not being perfect (!) or known for shying away from either controversy or bold proclamations, Pastor Wilson is often attacked by feminists, atheists, and other hooligans.

In his book “How to Exasperate Your Wife” Wilson takes aim at the fellas, who in God’s order are always the root of the problem. Check out these quotations pulled together from his book by Jones, and check out the whole post at Singing & Slaying:

If her [the wife’s] wishes are routinely disregarded, this means that her husband has failed to invest her with his authority, and has failed to act as an example for the rest of the household. A sure indicator of an unhappy household is the ignoring of Mom, and the head of that home is an abdicating father.

No one person is absolute. And this why those husbands who think that headship means their wives should never offer a contrary view are wrong. This is why husbands who think their wives cannot require certain things of them are wrong. This is why husbands who believe that their wives have no court of appeal outside the marriage are wrong.

 Few forms of behavior are less respectable than that of demanding respect.

A man who is not strong enough to be tender is not strong at all…We tend to think that a man who yells and blusters and intimidates has an excess of strength. We think he has a surplus. But biblically understood, he is actually a covenant wimp.

A nation defended by her women is a nation no longer worth defending. When women are placed in the front line of defense, every Christian man should walk away from the cause of that nation as being beneath contempt.

The basic question here is whether law operates in the context of grace, or whether grace operates in the surrounding context of law. If the former, then marriage is delight upon delight. If the latter, then it is one conflict after another. In these two different marriages, the objective standards may be exactly the same, but they are played in different keys.

What is biblical masculinity? It is the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility.

What is the confessional issue of our time? The confessional issue of our time is human sexuality, biblically defined.

World News Group recently ran a book review contrasting Wilson’s advice with that of the Roman church. Check it out here: Weekend Reads: Contrasting marriage advice