CBMW: Against Military Draft of Females

Women in the Military Image From: BET “Black Women in the Military”

Here are some of his arguments against drafting females into military service:

The most important of these is the reality that Scripture unfolds and even celebrates the unique differences between men and women (Genesis 2; 1 Peter 3:1-7). On the basis of this biblical foundation, it seems appropriate to add a few thoughts about yesterday’s proposal.:

1) The idea of women being conscripted to serve in our armed forces in a time of national emergency is a travesty.

2) Christians should make it known that they will not allow their daughters to sign up for the draft.

3) Legislators, with these same Christian convictions, should move to strike down this policy.

4) Christian women, who have conscience religious grounds against taking up arms in the armed forces, should seek religious exemptions.

5) This is a political move by Marine Commandant General Neller to oppose the Obama administration’s feminist policies.

6) Christians, again, have an opportunity to present the beauty of the Christian worldview.